Energy Recovery Units (Passive House)

These, are equipments that allow the renovation of the interior air of the house (stale air full of odors and CO2), with new fresh air coming from the outside, without the loss of the interior temperature of the house.

Due to its internal heat exchanger, this equipment makes a change of temperature between the new air entering the room, and the «bad» air leaving the room, making the interior air comfortably healthy.

Thus, there is an effective energy saving, as it will not be necessary for comfort devices (air conditioners, underfloor heating, radiators or fan coils) to constantly correct the comfort temperature, not activating the cold/heat sources (energy production outdoor units), with the great advantage of having a healthy indoor air and free of bad odors.

For a better understanding of the operation of these devices, we recommend that you watch the following video.

We stronlgy recommend and install energy recovery equipments in the projects we develop, with a view to a better use of energy in the buildings where they are installed.

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