Project «Energy Off»


This project is based on a web platform, which allows those who use it, to teach to rationalize the use of electricity in their office, in order to make it efficient in the way it manages the energy required for its activity.

It is easy to use, with free registration, and uses as base simplified methodologies for the diagnosis and management of energy consumption, having as reference the one defined by ISO 50001 - Energy Management Systems.

In addition to a 24-hour diagnostics and management tool available with integrated training, it has awareness materials and accredited technicians who will suyrvey the office / building performance and give suggestions on how to improve the performance of it by making it efficient In energy use.

The Energy OFF platform is promoted by RNAE - Association of Energy and Environment Agencies (National Network), in partnership with Inteli and Quercus - National Association for Nature Conservation, and within the scope of Smart Offices - Literacy and Energy Management in Offices Supported by ERSE under the Electricity Consumption Efficiency Promotion Plan (PPEC) for 2013-2014.


Netassis, Lda, being a company that bases all its projects on a rational use of energy, and because it understands that this web platform is extremely useful for all, not only recommends the use of the Energy Off platform, but also fully adhered to the project .