Prompt Payment Commitment

We are in the midst of the worldwide turmoil of a pandemic that no one expected, challenging the resilience of all of us and especially of companies.

Our company was also caught in the middle of this turmoil, but it has always adapted throughout its course to the challenges that the global market presents us.

This time, we accepted one more challenge, the “Prompt Payment Commitment” challenge (please click on the image below).

So that we can all overcome this difficult period, and because we believe that together we go further, and that the payment to suppliers depends directly on the way in which the projects are carried out, namely the payment on the progress of them, Netassis operates with greater attention to this , in order to be able to meet the payment deadlines to our suppliers, which at the moment is less than 30 days.

Thus, we repay in the same way to our suppliers the trust placed in our Company when they give us extended credit to settle commercial commitments, shortening the time that Netassis Lda. settles what it has acquired.

Bearing in mind that we are just a link in this commercial chain, we would like to thank our customers and our suppliers for the trust placed in us!

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