Netassis - Sociedade Montagem e Assistência Técnica, Lda is a leading company in the area of technical services at the level of industry and housing.

Our headquarter is in Loulé, right in the middle of the Algarve - Portugal and we operate throughout the Algarve, from Vila Real de Santo António (Spanish border) to Sagres.

The services we provide to our customers are:

These can be done for new construction sites from scratch or for renovations.

Come and learn more about our services on our web page. If you want to know more about us, please contact us. Our team is at your disposal! Challenge us with your issues and thoughts!

You could find us at:

Office and Technical Department in Praceta Antonio Gama Nunes, Lote 5 Loja Dt - LOULÉ, phone:| +351289411126 | +351969002180 | netassis.org@sapo.pt


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Almancil International Rotary Club 2021 Golf Tournament

Almancil International Rotary Club 2021 Golf Tournament One of our company's policies is to help those who are in need, so this year once again sponsored this event promoted by Almancil Rotary Club that aims to support noble causes such as:   Fight against diseases; Create opportunities...

Daikin Learning Session

 The speed that this world moves, companies have a challenge, to stay ahead in terms of knowledge. Learning to change the way you act is important. Life long business learning is critical.

Prompt Payment Commitment

We are in the midst of the worldwide turmoil of a pandemic that no one expected, challenging the resilience of all of us and especially of companies. Our company was also caught in the middle of this turmoil, but it has always adapted throughout its course to the challenges that the global market...

Tokio Olympics

A big revolution in the way of being and thinking in the conception of new global events. Japan sets this great example by recycling old mobile phones, recovering precious metals to make Olympic athletes medals. On the other hand, it will build large wind and photovoltaic units to produce...

Eurofred Academy

Eurofred Academy Visit Always persuing the most advanced and new technology, we were invited to visit the Eurofred Academy in Tarragona-Spain, in order to acquire knowledge regarding the latest technology in HVAC equipments. We got close contact with the most efficient and advanced Fujitsu,...

Energy Recovery Units (Passive House)

These, are equipments that allow the renovation of the interior air of the house (stale air full of odors and CO2), with new fresh air coming from the outside, without the loss of the interior temperature of the house. Due to its internal heat exchanger, this equipment makes a change of...

Project «Energy Off»

  This project is based on a web platform, which allows those who use it, to teach to rationalize the use of electricity in their office, in order to make it efficient in the way it manages the energy required for its activity. It is easy to use, with free registration, and uses as base...

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