Parque Atlântico - Almancil

Housing project overseen by David Banting Project Management Ltd in which we develop and execute the following contracts:
- Solar Installation with TiSUN equipment , with 51.4 m2 of solar panels 'made to fit' built-in the roof tiles, a 2000 litres ProClean water tank;
- An underfloor heating system to heat around 650 m2 of the building premises, whose main source of energy is the solar system, with the backup of a 43kW high efficiency heat pump;
- Pool heating with a 22 plates titanium heat exchanger, also derived from the solar system and with the backup of a 43kW high efficiency heat pump;
- Domestic hot water directly from the solar tank, with a capacity of about 1220 liters of hot water at 38 °C (being the buffer tank at about 50 °C);
- Installation of air conditioning Daikin VRV type;
- Full integration of system management in the home automation system of the house, with PLC Schneider with function "Vacation" that allows an extraordinary saving energy when the house is empty, keeping a steady temperature only with the solar enegy.