HVAC Systems

We have a wide range of products and reputable brands and the world's top level (Sam sung, Fujitsu and Dakin among others).

We also guarantee a good technical and repair service, as our technicians being duly authorized for that purpose.

On all systems installed by us, in case of failure, not only follows the manufacturer's warranty but during this warranty period the customer has free assistance in labor, when properly verified by our technicians.

After the installation we g
uarantee all the necessary technical assistance for a good maintenance, longevity and efficiency of all components of your air conditioning system.

On servicing your system we use all products for the complete elimination of all pathogens and
agents hazardous to health. Thus after maintenance the air you breathe is clean and healthy!

With the completion of each maintenance service assistance you will be provided with a detailed technical report of the intervention carried out, all the forms to be delivered to each of the legal entities will be filled, in accordance with the new EU Law.

Such technical assistance may be specific at your request or for your convenience by annual contract.

We are now officially certificated for installation and maintenance of HVAC systems by the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), CERTIFICATION No. 3008/13-C and the INCI - Permit No. 69883 and also for handling Fluorinated gases in HVAC - Permit FLU1282 and Certif SAC-222/2014